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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

See, Love... Buy

Recent purchases...

A pair of really bright green jeans from Pull&Bear (10€)

When I saw these jeans on Pull&Bear's online store and at such nice price, I just had to get them!
I love this color. 
And this is the outfit I wore them in today! And people couldn't help but noticing them! (in a good way they told me!!) :)

I have a fabric in the same color waiting for a pattern to do it justice. It is the same one I used here.
I was thinking it might be good to make a dress with the same pattern as my pink dress. But isn't that too much fluorescent green?!
What do you think? A dress, a peplum top, a skirt...? Help me!! :O

October Burda Style Magazine is in!!

I just bought this month's issue of Burda Style Magazine. I am gonna savoir it now....
Have you seen it yet? What did you think? 
If you are interested, paunnet has a little review of this month's patterns here.
I'll tell you my favorite (if I have any) later!

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  1. I love the brightness of the jeans and love the outfit!
    I've never heard of Burda magazine...where are you from?

    check out my blog! :)

    jayj x.

  2. thank you for the comment!

    followed!...follow back?

    jayj x.

  3. Cute jeans sweetie x x



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