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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Cape Collection: Morgana's Long Cape

This was the first cape I made. I drafted the pattern myself.
I haven't been wearing it a lot lately. I used to wear a lot of black but lately I tend to turn away from it. However since I don't have a black coat anymore maybe I'll wear it more this winter.
Esta foi a primeira capa que fiz. Eu própria desenhei o modelo. Ultimamente não a tenho usado muito. Costumava usar muito preto mas ultimamente tendo a afastar-me um pouco dessa cor. Contudo, como já não tenho um sobretudo preto pode ser que este Inverno a use mais.
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  1. I love capes. :-) How cold does it get where you live in Winter? This would look amazing while walking through the snow! :-)

  2. Because we are near the sea it does not get too cold. It must have snowed like two times in my whole life and it was not enough to cover the ground! This cape is also great for rain, the tick wool fabric keeps you dry! :) And also it is perfect to trow over other coats for that extra warmth you sometimes need

  3. I'm your newest follower via The GFC blog hop :)


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